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How Does Tether Miner Work?

Tether Miner's technology is based on the stability of USDT tokens. The miner uses Ethereum Blockchain to maintain the stability of the USDT, minting or destroying USDT to keep the stability of the tether network and the tokens in circulation which are backed by an equivalent amount of U.S. dollars, making it a stablecoin with a price pegged to 1 USD. By the end of every TBR (Transactions Bundled Ratification), all active Tether Miners are rewarded with USDT and then transferred to the user's account.

What is Tether Miner?

Tether miner is a long waited revolutionary unique technology that has been established to serve Tether USD mining (often called by its symbol USDT), which is a cryptocurrency that is primarily hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Its tokens are issued by the Hong Kong company Tether Limited, which in turn is controlled by the owners of Bitfinex. Tether is called a stablecoin because it was originally designed to always be worth US$1.00, maintaining $1.00 in reserves for each tether issued.

Tether Token

Tether tokens are the most widely adopted stablecoins, having pioneered the concept in the digital token space. A disruptor to the conventional financial system and a trailblazer in the digital use of traditional currencies, Tether Tokens support and empower growing ventures and innovation throughout the blockchain space. Tether Tokens exist as a digital token built on multiple blockchains.

Blockchain Ready

Tether tokens exist as digital tokens built on various blockchains including Algorand, Ethereum, EOS, Liquid Network, Omni, Tron, Bitcoin Cash’s Standard Ledger Protocol, and Solana. Therefore, issuance of Tether tokens is viable on various blockchains with varying capabilities depending on the transport protocol used.

Automated Updates

Auto-update your Tether Miner device without user input.

Tether Mining Halving

After 300 working days of activating your Tether miner, your device will enter a reduction stage which will result in a 50% decrease in your mining rewards, taking its first depletion step. This will occur consecutively for every 300-day working period.

Fast & Encrypted

Enjoy an encrypted connection with your device to avoid any security vulnerabilities. 

How it works

Advanced Ethereum Blockchain Tech

TMiners work by issuing new USDT as a mining (or minting) reward on the Ethereum blockchain, running a proof-of-equilibrium consensus. The chain is linked to an oracle, which monitors the exchange rate of USDT to US dollars.

Dollar Peg

Using a self-regulating mechanism, miners will be minting or destroying tokens to stabilize the Tether network and all USDT in circulation which are backed by an equivalent amount of U.S. dollars.


Unlike the current mechanism of USDT, operated by Bitfinex, Tether Miner will deploy fully decentralized control.

Advanced Ethereum Blockchain

Tether miner uses Ethereum Blockchain to maintain an equilibrium in supply and demand which guarantees the stability of the USDT.

Software integration

Fully dedicated to finding the Best solutions.

Tether Miner

Our Goal Is To Provide A Decentralized USDT Token

Giving the power of pegging the USDT to $1 to its users is a commitment we are ready to inaugurate in order to continue the world-shifting move of Satoshi Nakamoto’s decentralizing era. By the end of this process we will limit Bitfinex to a market maker role.

Free and facilitated shipping.

For all Tminer products, shipping is free worldwide for any order that exceeds $950. Your Tether Miner will be categorized as a computing device once shipped (if needed, please specify in the order notes at checkout). Shipping of the devices will commence after the preorder period ends which will be approximately 75 days. An early preorder is essential due to the limited quantity of devices. A 5.9% discount will be applied for customers that choose to pay via cryptocurrency.

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